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Unmasking ISIS

Behind the Black Shroud

by Jack Queen

I am looking for an ISIS execution video, but I have no intention of witnessing its macabre conclusion. I’ve seen the stills in the news—emaciated men clad in bright orange prison garb kneeling next to black silhouettes baring knives—but I need to see a little more.

Dragon Man

Dragon Man

by Sam Tezak

Sixteen-and-a-half miles due east of campus and crawling through mid-winter, our gold minivan purred through empty two-lane highways lined with farmland and the occasional field full of junkyard cars from a by-gone era. We swung a left off the CO-94 E and onto Curtis Road, and the white signs began to surface: “Personal Protection,” “Home Defense Weapons” and “Be Prepared” leapt out of the hill banking the left shoulder of the road. In 70-foot long letters spelled out by black rubber tires in the hillside: “Dragon Man’s.”

Suspenders of Disbelief

The Curious Case of Real-Life Superheroes

by Anna Cain

Of the top 20 highest-grossing movies of all time, one is a doomed nautical love story with an accompanying Celine Dion soundtrack, two follow an adventurous band of suspiciously good-looking pirates, three are animated kid’s films that probably made you cry and four are superhero movies.

Gone Girl

Incidental Invisibility

by K.K. Braza

Before I launch into the story you really need to hear, I’ll let you snack on a brief anecdote from my childhood. Jacksonville, Florida: my family and I are at the neighborhood swimming pool. I’m sprawled across an inner tube with a string across it. Suddenly, I spaz out, and my head slips between the string and the tube. My head is caught underwater. My neck is choked. I wriggle around sharply to try to swim free. “Dad,” I yell when I buck up for air for a split second. “Dad!” He doesn’t notice; he’s chuckling at something with my little brother. Nobody in my six-person family notices.


Urban Voices, Rural India


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isis mask3

Unmasking ISIS: Behind the Black Shroud


How to be Lonely: Solitude and Distraction on the Block Plan


Writing for Strangers

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Uncomfortable Underground: A Summer of Subway Blues




Dragon Man: Repurposing Artifacts of the American Past


Breathe In, Sing Out: Behind the Open Mic

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Talk Baby to Me: Inside the World of Willies and Whizzes




My Mother’s Tongue


Gone Girl: Incidental Invisiblity


Letter from the Editor- The Anonymous Issue


Suspenders of Disbelief: The Curious Case of Real-Life Superheroes


A Comic by Lukey Walden

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Turning Off Cruise Control: How I stopped going through the motions

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The News in 140 Characters: Six degrees of inaccuracy



Speaking Between Breaths: A story stuck on words


Yiddish and the Grateful Dead: What in the world ever became of Palo Alto?


“And Let It Be Enough:” In search of Joe Bolton


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From Southside to Skate City: A branch on the Rink Family Tree


Speaking to the Nation: The craft of the American story


A Story of Transitions through One-Way Tickets


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Hip Hop: Cipher Podcast 1

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