Labor Laws

Natural Birth and Obstetric Violence

by Holly Pretsky

My first day in Valparaíso, Chile I passed this poster on the outside of a building while walking to school. It showed a pregnant woman, a chain extending from her nipple to the earth that is her womb, a colonizer on her shoulder, a dollar bill plastered to her breast. “Nuestro mundo está embarazada con otro.” Our world is pregnant with another. I haven’t been able to rid myself of that image.

Behind the Petition to Diversify the Curriculum

by Han Sayles

“For the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house” –Audre Lorde Last month, one quarter of Colorado College’s student body, a little over 500 people, signed the
petition to diversify CC’s curriculum. After its release on March 30, the document, addressed as an open letter to the faculty of the College along with two members of the administration, engrossed the student body, garnering fierce public support as well as intense criticism. Full disclosure: I co-authored the petition with junior Amairani Alamillo, and I want to offer my insights on the series of events surrounding the release of the petition and its aftermath—this will not be an objective piece, but it will be an honest one.

Who Killed Dylan Redwine?

A Cold Case File

by Jack Queen

“Oh, don’t be such a man, give your mom a hug,” said Elaine Redwine, an Associate Director at Colorado College’s Office of Financial Aid, to her 13-year-old son, Dylan, before she left him at the airport on Nov. 18, 2012. Dylan was on his way to visit his father, Mark Redwine, who lived in a remote area near Lake Vallecito in southwestern Colorado. This is the last time she would see her son alive.

Six Things

Remembering Emily Spiegel

by Savannah Johnson

Six critical life messages:

1. I believe in you.

2. I trust in you.

3. I know you can handle life’s situations.

4. You are listened to.

5. You are cared for.

6. You are very, very important to me.