Letter From the Editors

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Dear Reader,   Censorship doesn’t always look like burned books—in fact, I would argue that it rarely does. Censorship is far more insidious and innocuous than a library on fire; at least in this country, it is most often silence. … Continued

Who Holds the Monkey Wrench?

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Exchanging self-expression for quality by Aleyah Goins, guest writer I write, therefore I am me, not my editor. Editors of magazines aren’t gods, but they have to be goddamn holy people to pick and choose who gets published and who … Continued

Muggles and Fan Fiction

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We don’t wanna be sued by Anna Cain, guest writer “Seeing where the boy was so obviously looking, Voldemort couldn’t help but be surprised. He had not expected the innocent curiosity that Harry was displaying. Harry tried hard not to … Continued

Between a Cock and a Hard Place

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Can pornography be ethical? by Ashley Johnson, staff writer I’m a feminist stuck somewhere in the middle of the porn debate. I agree with anti-porn activists that mainstream pornography is dangerous and with pro-porn advocates that censoring porn contributes to … Continued

He Didn’t “Retire”

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The story of Roberto Garcia’s termination from CC by Han Sayles, co-editor-in-chief   “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.”–Frederick Douglass Over dinner last month, Roberto Garcia, Colorado College’s former Director of Admissions, told me how he lost … Continued

The Purity Ball

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A promise I didn’t understand  by Eboni Statham, guest writer Twelve weeks. I was to spend 12 weeks learning about abstinence and living a life of purity that would culminate in a Purity Ball. I spent hours sitting in extra … Continued

Hannah Arendt

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The political theoristís connection to campus by Elliot Mamet, guest writer The story of Hannah Arendt’s association with Colorado College begins in Marburg, Germany, in October 1925. Hannah Arendt, a brilliant 18-year-old Jewish philosophy student, received a letter from her … Continued

Life in Jail

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A censored existence  by Addis Goldman, staff writer “The rules keep everything orderly around here,” announced deputy Gomez, who has worked at the El Paso County Corrections Department for nearly 13 years.  He is the jail’s primary coordinator for group … Continued

Sense and Invisibility

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A Black woman’s perspecitve on hookup culture by Jade Frost, guest writer I am not here to tell you a story of a desperate single girl or to have a pity party. I am not here to point fingers or … Continued

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