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We are now offering year-long subscriptions to Cipher magazine! Cipher magazine is Colorado College’s award-winning alternative news publication. We endeavor to engage our readers with thought-provoking articles about issues that concern our campus, Colorado Springs and this nation. Support our publication … Continued

Letter From The Editors

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Dear Reader, As I’m sitting in this chair, resting my elbows on the desk, eating these pancakes and drinking water from my mug, I’m at a loss (or evidently, nearly a loss) for words. “How do I begin another letter?” … Continued


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Four students’ stories by Alta Viscomi, staff writer   Recovery can sound like a formal term to us. Its primary association is with visible injuries, like a stroke or a twisted ankle. But to self-categorize as “in recovery” from a … Continued

Race and Racism at Colorado college

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Revealing microagressions and institutional negligence  by Han Sayles, co-editor-in-chief   Here’s the truth: At Colorado College, I’ve never been discriminated against, treated differently or even felt mildly uncomfortable because of my race. Yet, this isn’t because CC is the paradisiacal  … Continued

Nothing Will Change

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How to remember a divorce by Sarah Ross, editor; illustrations by Lela Wulsin, staff artist   The way the conversation began was on the steps of a tack shed that used to be an outhouse. “Nothing will change,” my dad … Continued

In Memory of Laura Padilla

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(1974-2014) by Brian LeMeur, guest writer; photos courtesy of Colorado College’s Office of Communications   Laura Padilla was an assistant professor in the English Department. She passed away on March 16 after living with breast cancer for 11 years. Laura … Continued

Gather Ye Rosebuds

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Tribulations and euphoria over four years at CC by Jesse Paul, The Catalyst Editor-in-Chief Emeritus   For me, it happened in Columbia, Mo., as I drove west to Colorado Springs to begin my junior year. Between pizza and beer with … Continued

The End of culture?

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Exploring the globalization generation by Miles Cooper, guest writer; illustrations by Sarah Ross, editor   When I say “globalization,” what comes to mind? Maybe it’s the definition you would find in your textbook, “the tendency of businesses, technologies and philosophies … Continued

Down with Small Talk

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I donít care about what Block you’re taking by Catherine Sinow, staff writer; illustrations by Grace Hunter, staff artist   “How’s it going?” “What class are you in?” “What are you taking next block?” You are guilty of those phrases. … Continued

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